Permanent Brows and Makeup in Southend-on-Sea

Permanent Brows Southend, Essex

A FREE consultation is available to discuss brow options with you if you are unsure of which type is best for you.

With every permanent make-up brow a design will be meticulously hand measured and pre-drawn on to your skin and checked and approved before any tattoo work begins. It is not done using pre-drawn templates, each and every brow will be designed and drawn bespoke to each client, taking in to account face shape, proportions, existing brow hair and desired style, shape and thickness.

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Digital Hairstroke Brows

Permanent Make-Up

Digital Hairstroke Brows in Southend-on-Sea

This style is created using a hand-held digital needle machine (not a blade). It is similar in appearance to microblading. Individual, realistic hairstrokes will be implanted just under the top layer of skin. These will blend in and flow with the direction of your existing brow hair. The colour choice will be carefully selected based on your skin-type, skin-tone and hair colour.

The digital needle machine, as opposed to a blade, has the benefits of causing less trauma to the skin, creating very natural results and better long-term results with the strokes not merging together over time which happens often with microblading.

Hairstroke Brows give a subtle enhancement to the natural brow, filling gaps, providing definition and improving the shape. They do not give a strong, defined look.

Hairstroke Brows are NOT suitable for Oily skins, large pores, pitted/uneven skin or coarse brow hair. However, if you have Oily skin a slightly different method of Hairstrokes can possibly be used (very similar effect). This will be determined by Rebecca at your consultation when she assesses your skin and existing brow hair. Or for the darker Afro-Carribean skin-tones. The pigment will not retain on these skin-types.

PRICE: £295

(Includes 6-12 week top-up appointment)

Ombré Or Powder Brows

Permanent Make-Up

Ombré Or Powder Brows in Southend-on-Sea

This style is also created using the hand-held digital needle machine. A soft ‘powder’ effect is created using various shading techniques. It is not solid on the skin, it has a pixelated effect. It can be done to various levels, from a soft ‘just-tinted’ look to a more defined make-up look.

An Ombré Brow blends the colour from a darker tail to delicate colour through the body of the brow fading out towards the fronts so the fronts are lighter.

A Powder Brow has even colour distribution throughout but will still not be ‘blocky’, no harsh edges.

If you like to put make-up on your brows every day to give them a ‘made-up’ look then this style is possibly the one for you.

Ombré or Powder Brows are suitable for ALL skin-types.

PRICE: £295

(Includes 6-12 week top-up appointment)

Combination Brows

Permanent Make-Up

Combination Brows in Southend-on-Sea

Combination Brows are a mixture of Hairstrokes at the front of the brow, blending through to shading throughout the body of the brow to the tail. It is a useful style if you have uneven brow hair distribution and Hairstrokes alone might not be enough.

PRICE: £295

(Includes 6-12 week top-up appointment)

Colour Refresh Appointments

12-18 months after treatment

PRICE: £150

18-24 months after treatment

PRICE: £200

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Based close to the seafront just outside of Southend, Essex in Shoeburyness, I am in a great location to offer my services across the local area including Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, Shoeburyness, Leigh-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea & surrounding areas. Many clients also travel from across Essex and London.

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